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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)


Subsequent OIDs are defined in ISO 14817-3 "Intelligent transport systems -- ITS data dictionaries -- Part 3: Object identifier assignments for ITS data concepts" or in ISO 20684-1 "Intelligent transport systems — Roadside modules Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) data interface — Part 1: Overview", or assigned by the Central Intelligent transport systems Data Concept Registry (CIDCR).

Placing all ITS data concepts under a single OID arc will allow for the greatest possible benefit of the RELATIVE OID ASN.1 type. Having this arc directly underneath the joint-iso-itu-t arc will allow for efficient encodings even when the RELATIVE OID format cannot be used.

Placing all ITS data concepts under a single OID arc will also assist in harmonization efforts as developers will have a way to easily become aware of similar efforts, i.e., by going to the CIDCR. Nothing in ISO 14817-3 precludes users from assigning numbers under other arcs to their data. For example, ISO standards may still define their data under {iso(1) standard(0) <standard-number>}; however, by grouping definitions together under this 'its' arc, additional benefits may be achieved, as described above. A specific data concept may be identified by more than one OID. For example, an existing ITS data concept may have an OID assigned to it prior to the publication of this standard. Networks may continue to use that OID for interoperability, while new uses of the data concept may wish to use an OID under this 'its' OID arc in order to achieve the benefits described above.

This arc was assigned on 17 Apr 2015 by ITU-T Study Group 17 and was endorsed on 29 May 2015 by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6.

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Ken Vaughn

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29 May 2015

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