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Al Grimstad


In his book "Understanding X.500: The Directory", page 379, David Chadwick wrote: Back in 1988 the experts defining the X.400 Recommendations had some T-shirts made, and each T-shirt was allocated an object identifier, under the stub {joint-iso-ccitt(2) mhs-motis(6) group(6)}. Thus each T-shirt owner was effectively allocated a unique object identifier. Al Grimstad, one of the experts, purchased the T-shirt with the number (OID component) 5. Subsequently Al attended North American Directory Forum (NADF) meetings, and donated arc 2 below his node, to the NADF. So every NADF schema definition begins with the OID stub {2 6 6 grimstad(5) nadf(2)}. Al has achieved one of his life long ambitions - eternal recognition!

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