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Huawei Technology Co., Ltd


This OID also identifies the following Management Information Base (MIB) object:
LAST-UPDATED "201901160000Z"
ORGANIZATION "Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd."
CONTACT-INFO "Huawei Industrial Base
Bantian, Longgang
Shenzhen 518129
People's Republic of China
Website: http://www.huawei.com
Email: support@huawei.com"
DESCRIPTION "Huawei common OID MIB definition."
REVISION "201901160000Z"
The object identifier of s2720S-12TP-EI-AC is added
The object identifier of s2720S-12TP-PWR-EI-AC is added
The object identifier of s2720S-52TP-EI-AC is added
The object identifier of s2720S-52TP-PWR-EI-AC is added
The object identifier of s2720S-28TP-PWR-EI-L-AC is added
The object identifier of s2720S-28TP-PWR-EI-AC is added
The object identifier of s2720S-28TP-EI-AC is added
The object identifier of s12700E-4lsw is added
The object identifier of s12700E-8lsw is added
The object identifier of s12700E-12lsw is added
The object identifier of s5720-28X-PWR-LI-ACF for V2R13C00 is modified to s5720-28X-PWR-LI-ACF-740"
-- List of revisions deleted.
REVISION "200601300000Z"
DESCRIPTION "V1.00, completed the first draft."

First Registration Authority    


Zhao Lwu

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