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upsBasicStateOutputState OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX DisplayString
ACCESS read-only
STATUS mandatory
"An ASCII string containing the 64 flags representing
the current state(s) of the UPS. If the Network Card
is unable to determine the state of the UPS, this
variable is set to 'UNKNOWN'.
The flags are numbered 1 to 64, read from left to
right. The flags are defined as follows:
Flag 1: Abnormal Condition Present
Flag 2: On Battery
Flag 3: Low Battery
Flag 4: On Line
Flag 5: Replace Battery
Flag 6: Serial Communication Established
Flag 7: AVR Boost Active
Flag 8: AVR Trim Active
Flag 9: Overload
Flag 10: Runtime Calibration
Flag 11: Batteries Discharged
Flag 12: Manual Bypass
Flag 13: Software Bypass
Flag 14: In Bypass due to Internal Fault
Flag 15: In Bypass due to Supply Failure
Flag 16: In Bypass due to Fan Failure
Flag 17: Sleeping on a Timer
Flag 18: Sleeping until Utility Power Returns
Flag 19: On
Flag 20: Rebooting
Flag 21: Battery Communication Lost
Flag 22: Graceful Shutdown Initiated
Flag 23: Smart Boost or Smart Trim Fault
Flag 24: Bad Output Voltage
Flag 25: Battery Charger Failure
Flag 26: High Battery Temperature
Flag 27: Warning Battery Temperature
Flag 28: Critical Battery Temperature
Flag 29: Self Test In Progress
Flag 30: Low Battery / On Battery
Flag 31: Graceful Shutdown Issued by Upstream Device
Flag 32: Graceful Shutdown Issued by Downstream Device
Flag 33: No Batteries Attached
Flag 34: Synchronized Command is in Progress
Flag 35: Synchronized Sleeping Command is in Progress
Flag 36: Synchronized Rebooting Command is in Progress
Flag 37: Inverter DC Imbalance
Flag 38: Transfer Relay Failure
Flag 39: Shutdown or Unable to Transfer
Flag 40: Low Battery Shutdown
Flag 41: Electronic Unit Fan Failure
Flag 42: Main Relay Failure
Flag 43: Bypass Relay Failure
Flag 44: Temporary Bypass
Flag 45: High Internal Temperature
Flag 46: Battery Temperature Sensor Fault
Flag 47: Input Out of Range for Bypass
Flag 48: DC Bus Overvoltage
Flag 49: PFC Failure
Flag 50: Critical Hardware Fault
Flag 51: Green Mode/ECO Mode
Flag 52: Hot Standby
Flag 53: Emergency Power Off (EPO) Activated
Flag 54: Load Alarm Violation
Flag 55: Bypass Phase Fault
Flag 56: UPS Internal Communication Failure
Flag 57: Efficiency Booster Mode
Flag 58: Off
Flag 59: Standby
Flag 60: Minor or Environment Alarm
Flag 61: <Not Used>
Flag 62: <Not Used>
Flag 63: <Not Used>
Flag 64: <Not Used>"

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