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LAST-UPDATED "200602060000Z" -- February 6, 2006
ORGANIZATION "Cable Television Laboratories, Inc"
"Postal: Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
858 Coal Creek Circle
Louisville, Colorado 80027-9750
Phone: +1 303-661-9100
Fax: +1 303-661-9199
E-mail: mibs@cablelabs.com"
"This MIB contains managed object definitions for encapsulating TDM (T1,E1, T3, E3, NxDS0) as pseudo-wires over packet-switching networks (PSN).
This MIB supplements the PW-STD-MIB as in: Zelig, D., Nadeau,T. 'Pseudo Wire (PW) Management Information Base'.
The PW-STD-MIB contains structures and MIB associations generic to Pseudo-Wire (PW) emulation. PW-specific MIBs (such as this) contain config and stats for specific PW types.
Initial version, published as draft-ietf-pwe3-TDM-mib-00.txt by the 'Pseudo-Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Working Group' For more info, see the PWE3 Working Group (email distribution pwe3@ietf.org, http://www.ietf.org/html.charters...pwe3-charter.html). This version was taken from a snapshot of draft-ietf-pwe3-pw-tdm-mib-04.txt (by Orly Nicklass as noted below) and modified by David Brief and Ron Cohen of Resolute Networks to be rooted in the under DOCSIS projects in the CableLabs private enterprises branch. The intention is to support the standard MIBs when they reach RFC status."
REVISION "200602060000Z" -- February 6, 2006
"This revision, published as CL-PW-TDM-MIB.
Changes from ietf-pw-tdm-mib-04
-add in tea prefix to avoid problems when migrating to RFC
-add RTP SSRC variable per TDM pw teaPwTDMRtpSSRC teaPwTDMPeerRtpSSRC
-add additional objects for configuring policy of IWF: teaPwTMDCfgFillerPattern teaPwTDMCfgLflagPayloadPolicy
-add additional objects for configuring TOS of packets: teaPwTDMCfgIPTos -add additional objects for RTP configuration teaPwTDMCfgRtpPT teaPwTDMCfgPeerRtpPT teaPwTDMCfgRtpTSRef teaPwTDMCfgPeerRtpTSRef teaPwTDMCfgSRTPenable
-add in additional table teaPwTDMCfgFramedTable for configuration of CESoPSN specific information
-add in additional objects for configuring policies: teaPwTDMCfgFramedIdlePattern teaPwTDMCfgFramedRflagPolicy teaPwTDMCfgFramedLflagPolicy teaPwTDMCfgFramedRDPolicy teaPwTDMCfgFramedLopsPolicy
-add in additional objects for configuring signaling mode: teaPwTDMCfgFramedSigPT teaPwTDMCfgFramedSigPeerPT teaPwTDMCfgFramedSigIPTos teaPwTDMCfgFramedSigIdle teaPwTDMCfgFramedSigInterval teaPwTDMCfgFramedSigMaxInterval"


This module is defined in Recommendation ITU-T J.214 (07/2007).

This module is available in the ITU-T ASN.1 module database.

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