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ciscoUnifiedComputingMIB MODULE-IDENTITY
LAST-UPDATED "201005200000Z"
"Cisco Systems
Customer Service
Postal: 170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: +1 800 553-NETS
E-mail: ucs-snmp@cisco.com"
"This MIB module defines the managed objects for
Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager.
Cisco UCS Manager provides centralized management
capabilities, creates a unified management domain, and
serves as the central nervous system of the Cisco Unified
Computing System.
UCS configuration is comprised of operational and
administrative settings. The data is organized hierarchically
in a tree structure, starts from the top (root) and contains
children and parent nodes. Each node in the tree is a managed
object and each object in the UCS has a unique Distinguished
Name (DN) that describes the object and its place in the tree.
Every managed object is also identified through a
CucsManagedObjectId of type integer.
Managed objects are abstractions of real world resources,
they represent the physical and logical components of the UCS,
for example, switch, chassis, blades, and so on. Properties on
the Managed Objects (MO) are characterized as configurations
and operations.
Configuration Policies are the majority of the policies in the
system and are used to describe configurations of different
components of the UCS. Policies determine how the system
behaves under specific circumstances. Certain MOs are not
created by users, but are automatically created by the UCS,
power supply objects and fan objects are examples of
automatically created MOs."
REVISION "201005200000Z"
"Initial version of this MIB module."

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