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Structure of Management Information (SMI) network management directory


Defined in IETF RFC 1155. See also IETF RFC 2578 and IETF RFC 4520.

Child OIDs are listed as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Parameters.

This OID is used for the ISODE/PSINet White Pages pilot, and as a root of some further assignments like the Network Information Service (NIS) schema OID of IETF RFC 2307.

For registration procedures, see IETF RFC 3383, section 3.1:
Numerous LDAP schema and protocol elements are identified by Object Identifiers. Specifications which assign OIDs to elements should state who delegated the OIDs for its use.
For IETF developed elements, specifications should use OIDs under "Internet Directory Numbers" ( Numbers under this OID arc will be assigned upon Expert Review with Specification Required.
Only one OID per specification will be assigned. The specification may then assign any number of OIDs within this arc without further coordination with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
For elements developed by others, any properly delegated OID can be used, including those under "Internet Private Enterprise Numbers" ( assigned by IANA.
To avoid interoperability problems between early implementations of "works in progress" and implementations of the published specification (e.g. the RFC), experimental OIDs should be used in "works in progress" and early implementations. OIDs under the Internet Experimental OID arc ( may be used for this purpose.
Experimental OIDs are not to used in published specifications (e.g. RFCs).
Practices for IANA assignment of Internet Enterprise and Experimental OIDs are detailed in "STD 16" (IETF RFC 1155).

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